Our Board

To contact any board member please send email to gro.nobuduavfnull@ofni, or get in touch via their information on the last page of the newsletter.


President Rose Leach
Vice President Thomas Kallmeyer
Secretary Andrea Stierle
Treasurer Jean Duncan



Gerhard Knudsen
Rose Stoudt
Catherine Goodman
Ed Monnig
Paul Loehnen
Susie Wall


Committee Chairs

Member Records Vick Applegate
Membership Promotion Jerry Dirnberger
Program Susie Wall
Conservation Advocacy  
Habitat Protection & Restoration Jim Brown
Field Activities Terry Toppins
Publicity Poody McLaughlin
Education Larry Weeks
P. L. Wright Endowment Bill Gabriel
University Liaison Chad Bishop
Newsletter Editor Beverly Orth-Geoghegan
Newsletter Circulation Hedwig Vogel-Wright
Web Site Pat Little
Archivist Shirley Holden
Audubon Adventures  
Christmas Bird Count Larry Weeks
Past President Pat Little


Board Biographies

Susie Wall

Born and raised an Okie I slowly migrated out west after discovering my love of the mountains.  My husband Dave and I took a six month road trip across the U.S. in 2007 looking for a new place to call … Continue reading

Rose Stoudt

Raised on a small dairy and orchard farm in the central Cascade Mountain range in Washington state, I was surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.  My grandparents were dairy and orchard farmers and I learned to work hard, … Continue reading

Bill Gabriel

Bill Gabriel began studying birds as a Boy Scout and went on to win a Virginia Academy of Science scholarship with his birds in 1952. That got him into Virginia Tech and a BS in forest & wildlife conservation. Scouting … Continue reading

Rose Leach

Rose grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and started birding as part of her Shortridge High School biology class.  Her interest propelled her to the University of Montana where she earned a BS (1977) and MS (1982) in Wildlife Biology.  Her … Continue reading

Larry Weeks

photo of Larry Weeks

Larry was born in Cooperstown, NY and was raised on a small dairy farm in upstate New York. He attended Syracuse University where he earned BS and MS degrees in Pulp & Paper Technology. He went to work at the … Continue reading

Jim Brown

photo of Jim Brown

Jim grew up in Kansas, New Mexico, Utah and Minnesota. He graduated from U of MN, then went on to Yale and ended up with a PhD from U of MI. He married his high school sweetheart Sue in 1960, … Continue reading

Pat Little

photo of Pat Little

Pat grew up in England and came to the U.S.A. in 1980 pursuing a career in aeronautical engineering. One day he got tired of working for large companies, quit his job, and started volunteering at The Nature Conservancy. Eighteen months … Continue reading