The Birdathon is Five Valleys Audubon’s annual fundraiser to support our conservation and education efforts. We seek pledges from Chapter members, and others, of so much per bird species observed or a flat amount. This year, we have one team that will be doing a Big Day, which will be a midnight to midnight attempt to find as many species as possible in Montana. After the full day of birding is completed, a letter will be mailed out as a reminder to honor your pledge and it will include a list of the birds that were seen or heard by the team.

Your tax-deductible contributions will be used to support the following Chapter activities:

  • Audubon Adventures, a newsletter and lesson guide for teaching environmental education in elementary grades 3-6.
  • Wildlife conservation projects that protect habitat in Missoula County, particularly in the Clark Fork River – Grass Valley Important Bird Area. We inform Missoula citizens, landowners, developers, and City/County planners of the special importance of habitat in this area for birds and other wildlife. We review all subdivision proposals in Missoula County and testify at hearings in favor of adequate protection of riparian areas.
  • Community Naturalist Program, a Chapter program that includes classroom presentations and field trips for grades 3,4, and 5, and birding workshops.

If we missed you by phone, please consider a contribution to FVAS (you can use the Donate button at left) and we will mail a species list to you. We certainly appreciate your support.

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