Freezout Lake & the Rocky Mountain Front

May 20, 2017 – May 21, 2017 all-day
Larry Weeks

The two-day field trip to Freezout Lake and the Rocky Mountain Front has been scheduled for May 20 and 21, 2017. The plan is to leave Missoula at 7:00 am on May 20th and drive to Freezout Lake.

The group will bird Freezout on Saturday and the Rocky Mountain Front on Sunday.

We will spend the night in Choteau and the motel options include the Stage Stop Inn (1-888-466-5900), Bella Vista Motel (1-406-466-5711), Gunther Motel (1-406-466-5444), and Big Sky Motel (1-406-466-5318). Participants are asked to make reservations in advance. Most of the participants will be staying at the Stage Stop Inn.

Please call Larry Weeks if you wish to attend, and he will coordinate carpooling. Plan to bring lunches for both days. There is a $10 charge for multi-day field trips.

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