Glacier NP 4-day field trip

July 5, 2018 – July 8, 2018 all-day
Larry Weeks
406-549-5632 or 406-540-3064

The 4-day campout to Glacier Park is scheduled for July 5-8, 2018.

We will camp at St. Mary Campground on July 5th and 6th and Fisk Creek Campground on July 7th. I have reserved 3 campsites at each campground, which will allow up to 6 cars and 24 people. We will bird Many Glacier on Friday, the Red Eagle Lake trail on Saturday, and Howe Lake and Camas Creek trails on Sunday.

If you plan on going to Glacier, call Larry Weeks at 549-5632 or 540-3064 or email him at moc.liamgnull@aenegswb. Larry will be planning potluck dinners and carpooling. We will meet at 5:00 pm at the St. Mary Campground (campsites C-112, C114, C116) on July 5th.

There is a $10 charge per individual on multi-day field trips.


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    • Hi Carla,
      You’d be very welcome. I suggest you call Larry Weeks to get more information. His number is 406-549-5632

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