MPG Ranch Great Backyard Bird Count

February 17, 2014 @ 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm
MPG Ranch
free - MUST REGISTER by Feb 14th
Kate Stone

Once you’ve finished counting the birds in your backyard, please consider helping the MPG Ranch staff count the birds in their 10,000-acre yard! The MPG Ranch will host a field day to count as many birds and species as possible, as part of National Audubon’s Great Backyard Bird Count.

Participants will split into small groups led by MPG Ranch staff. They will spend the morning hiking through a wide variety of habitats, including floodplain forest, open agricultural fields, shrubby draws, and upland conifer forest. At 1 pm, we will gather at one of the ranch houses for a brown bag lunch to share observations and tally all the species seen.

Species we may see include: Snow Bunting, American Tree Sparrow, Lapland Longspur, Horned Lark, Pine Grosbeak, Rough-legged Hawk, Northern Harrier, Golden Eagle, Pygmy Nuthatch, and many more!

Please note: All of our surveying will be on foot, and participants need to possess the ability to hike for several hours in winter conditions. We suggest the following gear:

  • Sturdy, insulated winter hiking boots
  • Gaiters
  • Hiking poles
  • YakTracks, Microspikes, or something similar to prevent slipping on ice
  • Warm clothing
  • Food and water for morning
  • Brown bag lunch
  • Binoculars
  • Field guide
  • Camera

Participants must REGISTER for this field trip by February 14th by contacting Kate Stone (381-1115, moc.hcnargpmnull@enotsk). Additional information and directions will be sent to registered participants. Missoula participants will carpool to the ranch.

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