Program Meeting – Arctic Wildlife

January 14, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
UM Gallagher Building, room 123
Susie Wall

Arctic Landscape

Come join us on Monday, January 14th for Five Valleys Audubon’s annual joint meeting with the Native Plant Society. Bundle up as speaker Teagan Hayes takes us on a journey into the wondrous far north with her talk Arctic Wild Life: Flora and Fauna of Iceland and Greenland.

Life in the arctic is governed by extremes, and the islands of Iceland and Greenland provide a glimpse into this world of ice and fire. Greenland is an incredibly wild, ice-encrusted place, and the growing season is short and frenzied. Iceland offers a similar suite of plants in its northern reaches but greater overall diversity. Wildlife includes muskox, arctic foxes, stoats (short-tailed weasels), lemmings, polar bears, wolves, and many species of birds. Flora and fauna alike are adapted to survive in a harsh world, but both are vulnerable to a changing climate. Human life in these minimally-populated places is also changing while scientists work to understand the implications of rapid change that are magnified in the arctic. 

Teagan Hayes is an MS candidate in Wildlife Biology through the Montana Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit at the University of Montana. Teagan found her way west on a bike, where she has conducted research across Montana and other western states. 

Her work has spanned diverse habitats including arctic tundra, northern forests, tallgrass prairie, desert, sagebrush steppe, and lab benches, and her research has focused on a range of species from elk and mule deer to insects and muskoxen. Her research interests broadly lie in connecting wildlife movement and nutrition to management and conservation on the larger landscape. Her current Masters research is in collaboration with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, focused on nutritional ecology of mule deer in three study areas in northwest Montana.

The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM in Room 123 of the Gallagher Business Building on the University of Montana campus.

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