Member Meeting – Steve Hoffman will talk about Raptor Migration

November 12, 2012 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
UM Gallagher Building, room L14
Carolyn Goren

How did a wayward eastern US hawk watcher come to study raptor migration in the Rocky Mountain West? When is “prime time” for observing raptor migration in the Rockies? Where do these migrating raptors breed, where do they over-winter, and what routes do they take and why? Do the birds deposit “pre-migratory fat” before initiating their migration, and how often do migrants stop to hunt along the way? How does the migration of juvenile raptors differ from adults? Males vs. females? How is raptor migration in the West generally influenced by regional and local weather patterns? What have we learned (from raptor migration counts) during the past 35 years about the health and trends of western raptor populations? How is oil & gas development, climate disruption, and other environmental changes impacting the health of western raptor populations? These are some of the questions Steve will address in his powerpoint-illustrated presentation.

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