Support Five Valleys Audubon

If you approve of what we do and would like to support us you can make a donation, or you can become a member of Five Valleys Audubon (or renew your membership), or both.

You can use the form below to make a payment online, or if you prefer to do it by hand then please print out a paper membership form and mail it to us with a check.

If you are signing up to receive the newsletter, please consider electronic (email) delivery. This will help us reduce our $3,000 annual newsletter printing and mailing cost.

Five Valleys Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

We send all our members the Birding Observer newsletter. You can choose to have it delivered electronically or on paper in the mail.

To become a new member, renew a lapsed membership or renew a current membership of National Audubon Society (NAS) and receive Audubon magazine, you can sign up on National Audubon’s website. This will ensure that FVAS receives a $20 one- time credit for your membership. All NAS members become members of FVAS. The other financial support we receive from NAS is $1,300 annually for being a chapter in good standing.

Montana Audubon (MTA) is an independent organization and receives no financial support from NAS. MTA is responsible for its own fundraising. FVAS donates $3,000 to MTA annually. To become a member/donor to MTA and learn about various tax advantages for that, please contact them via Montana Audubon’s website.

Please give generously to each organization as we work collaboratively to protect what we all love.