Crows and Ravens

Here are a couple of useful articles to help distinguish between these similar species… eBird article, and… Cornell Lab of Ornithology also published an article on its All About Birds site. … Continue reading

Bird ID App

Audubon has a bird ID app that works on iPhone, Android, and Kindle. It’s free. Read more and download the app via Audubon’s website. … Continue reading

Tricky Finch Identification

With the Christmas Bird Count coming up one of the things on your mind will no doubt be how to tell those pesky finches apart – you know, the ones that all kinda look the same. The folks at eBird have put together a handy guide that goes into the details to help you separate a House Finch from a Purple Finch from a Cassin’s Finch. You can download their 6-page pdf by clicking on the image below…

eBird finches