What’s That Bird?

Did you see a bird and want to know what it was? Maybe you can find it here. These are some of the most common birds in and around Missoula.

The images are grouped by the size of bird—small, medium, and large—and sorted by the predominant color—red, yellow, green, blue, black, gray, and then brown.

Hover the mouse over the image to see its name; click to see a larger image with more information about the bird.

Small Birds

Smaller than a robin – length less than about 10″


Medium Birds

Robin sized up to crow sized – length from about 10″ to about 18″


Large Birds

Larger than a crow – length greater than about 18″


Didn’t find the bird you were looking for? You may want to take a look in our gallery which has more pictures of local birds. Or you can contact us and we’ll try to help.