Montana Audubon Has a New Citizen Science Project: Rosy-Finch Monitoring

Montana Audubon is looking for citizen scientists interested in helping them survey two of North America’s least studied and understood species: the Black Rosy-Finch and the Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch. Dedicating 20 minutes of your time once a month from December to April is all it takes, but incidental reports are also appreciated! Rosy-Finches are alpine specialists that breed and thrive around cliffs, snowfields, and glaciers at the highest elevations across the mountain west. It is challenging to monitor Rosy-Finch populations throughout their alpine summer range. Their nests are usually only found by biologists with rock-climbing experience. As a result, relatively little is known about this species’ population trends and life history. The silver lining it that it’s much easier to encounter and monitor Rosy-Finches in the winter when harsh alpine conditions drive large flocks to lower elevation valleys, foothills, open spaces, and even urban areas! While winter Rosy-Finch flocks are somewhat irregular, it is not uncommon for them to periodically swarm feeders, especially during inclement weather. This is where YOU come in.

Here are links to help you prepare for the project:

Rosy-Finch Feeder Counts Webinar

Please visit MT Audubon’s website for more details.

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