Mount Jumbo

This city-owned open space area provides grassland, shrub, and dry-forest habitats. Access the south end above Hellgate Canyon and the southwest face that parallels the Rattlesnake valley by driving to the east end of Cherry St. or Poplar St. just north of I-90.

Follow the trails up to the “L” or along the base of the hill through the shrubs on the southwest face. Look for Calliope Hummingbird, Nashville Warbler, Spotted Towhee, and Lazuli Bunting. The summit ridge is a good place for migrating raptors in spring and fall. Access the saddle, which leads to varied habitats, by following Lincoln Hills Dr. through the housing area to the trailhead. Look for Western and Mountain bluebirds, Cassin’s Vireo, Western Tanager, Vesper Sparrow, and Cassin’s Finch.

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