Teller Wildlife Refuge

Public access is permitted from the Woodside Fishing Access (east side of the bridge across the Bitterroot River on the Corvallis Cutoff Road between Hwy 93 and Corvallis).

Please stay on the main trail to the north or to the river side (west) of the trail. Access to the area east of the trail requires permission from the refuge manager (phone: 406-961-3507).

The accessible area provides typical bottomland habitat dominated by black cottonwoods and ponderosa pines over a dense understory of shrubs. Typical species include Great Blue Heron (a heronry south of the Woodside Bridge is visible until leaf-out in April), Osprey, Long-eared Owl, woodpeckers, Gray Catbird, Warbling Vireo, warblers, and White-breasted Nuthatch.

The birding is best in spring and summer.

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