Larry Weeks

photo of Larry WeeksLarry was born in Cooperstown, NY and was raised on a small dairy farm in upstate New York. He attended Syracuse University where he earned BS and MS degrees in Pulp & Paper Technology. He went to work at the pulp & paper mill near Frenchtown in January 1963 and worked there for 32 years before retiring in 1994. He held the position of technical director during most of his working career. The duties of that position included quality control of the finished product (linerboard), monitoring and reporting air and water emissions, and process troubling shooting.

Larry has been married to Beverly for 29 years. He has two sons from a previous marriage. Ron, the oldest son, works for Dow Chemical in Lake Jackson, TX and is a hard-core birder. Jim is an assistant principal at a high school in Portland, OR. Larry acquired his interest in birds from Ron.

Since joining the Chapter, he has organized the field trip program for 14 years, headed the Community Naturalist Program (CNP) for 10 years, compiled the Missoula Christmas Bird Count for 11 years, and led a Birdathon team for 10 years. Larry has skinned 200 birds over the past 9 years which are used for the CNP classroom presentations. He has also worked on habitat restoration at the pulp mill and this work has continued even after the mill closed in early 2010. He hopes to lead occasional field trips to the old mill site in the future.

In the photo, you can see Larry is wearing a necklace that his six-year-old, step-great-grandson made for him; he wears it every day.

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