Rose Leach

rose leach

Rose grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, and started birding as part of her Shortridge High School biology class.  Her interest propelled her to the University of Montana where she earned a BS (1977) and MS (1982) in Wildlife Biology.  Her professional areas of expertise were largely influenced by a chance guest lecture by Riley McClelland on primary and secondary cavity users of snags.

Her interests in wildlife and habitat relationships, including old growth, snags, and riparian areas have contributed to the development of forest habitat management guidelines used on the Yakama Reservation in Washington state.  She currently serves as Chair of the Montana Bird Records Committee and is Montana’s state compiler for National Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count.

She has a grown daughter in Missoula, and besides birding, Rose enjoys gardening, travel, dancing, and running in the Deer Creek and Marshall Canyon areas.

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