Rose Stoudt

Raised on a small dairy and orchard farm in the central Cascade Mountain range in Washington state, I was surrounded by the beauty of the natural world.  My grandparents were dairy and orchard farmers and I learned to work hard, and be responsible at an early age.

I moved to Seattle and attended Shoreline Community College, travelled through Africa on an overland expedition for several months, then around the United States for several months.  I eventually moved from Seattle to Missoula and studied Pre Med at the University of Montana until a long term illness forced me to quit school.  Due to the illness I had to change the focus and pace of my education and began to study with Osteopathic doctors learning manual medicine. For over thirty years I have practiced manual therapies working with people who are injured, suffer with chronic pain conditions, and have structural and postural problems.

The natural world has been a passion for me since childhood.  Through my life I have perused interests in this vein, and a few years ago a friend invited me to go along to an Audubon meeting. Having an interest in birds for a long time, and being around a bunch of enthusiastic birders, I got bit by the bug.  Birding will always be a part of my life and what a joy to be involved with others whose love for them is contagious.

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