Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup

The Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup’s mission is to promote knowledge and stewardship of local wildlife and habitat within the communities and public lands of the Ninemile, Huson, and Alberton region.

The Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup is a community-based group that works with citizens, agencies, and organizations to:

  • Promote healthy wildlife populations by working to decrease human-wildlife conflicts in our neighborhoods and roadkill on our roads.
  • Maintain and enhance the ability of wildlife to move freely and securely through the mixture of public lands, private lands, and transportation routes.
  • Nurture interest in wildlife and provide information about wildlife through meetings, lectures, workshops, newsletters, and this website.
  • Maintain our quality of life, rural character, healthy habitats, and recreational opportunities.

Find out more on the Ninemile Wildlife Workgroup’s web page.

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