New Osprey Nest Pole

Bonner Development Group Erects an Osprey Pole

Bonner Development Group Erects an Osprey Pole

Last spring Bruce Hall, Executive Director of the Bonner Development Group (BDG), called to see if someone from our Chapter would come to their Two Rivers Community Park and recommend what could be done to improve the bird habitat. Two Rivers Community Park is a 26 acre park just south of Bonner along the Clark Fork River. Our work with the BDG began in1998, when our Chapter assisted the BDG in designing a bird friendly park and developed a bird and mammal checklist for the Milltown Pond area. Since then the area was declared a super fund site that led to removal of the Milltown Dam, removal of contaminated soils and restoration of the river channel and its flood plain. Because some of the Two Rivers Community Park was included in the clean up and restoration project, it had to be redesigned. How to make it bird friendly again was the question on Bruce Hall’s mind.

To help answer this question Rebecca Sills and I visited the site. We suggested putting up an Osprey nest pole and sought the advice of Erick Greene and Heiko Langner from the University of Montana. They visited the site and agreed that it was a good location for an Osprey nest and suggested what kind of a pole and where to put it. Bruce Hall explained the project to the Missoula Electric Coop. They became enthused about the project and under Bart Peterson’s leadership kindly donated and installed a 55-foot pole in the Park as a community service. So as of September 26, Osprey have a new nest site to consider. Now we just have to hope that they like it. Two Rivers Community Park will open in 2014, and will offer an opportunity for students to learn about the natural environment and how altered landscapes can be restored to benefit wildlife and the lives of people.

by Jim Brown

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