2011 Phil Wright Research Awards

The Philip L. Wright Memorial Research Awards are offered as a means of giving younger and less experienced students a way to get started in field research. The awards committee received nine proposals in 2011. Four undergraduates and five graduate students proposed studies of birds (4), mammals (3), insects (1), and habitat (1). We made the following awards:

  • Ben Turnock, a junior, $500 to study the effectiveness of loon decoys and calls in attracting Common Loons to unoccupied lakes.
  • Maggie Raboin, a junior, $500 to study divergence among populations of jumping spiders.
  • Nora Carlson, a candidate for a second BS, $500 to study techniques of recording bird songs.
  • Riccardo Ton, a Ph.D. candidate, $500 to aid his study of global warming, physiology, and behavior in birds.

In accordance with established tradition, the recipients will report how they used the grants and the results of their investigations at a Five Valleys Audubon meeting early in 2012.

In the 25‐year history of these research grants, FVAS has awarded $23,587.50 to 56 recipients. Awards have averaged $421 and subjects studied have varied across the natural realm: birds (23), plants/habitat (11), mammals (9), amphibians (7), insects (5), fish (2).

by Bill Gabriel

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