If you approve of what we do you can show your support by making a tax deductible donation to Five Valleys Audubon’s General Fund or the Philip L. Wright Memorial Research Awards. We use PayPal to ensure a secure transaction, you will be redirected to make payment and will receive a confirmation email.

Five Valleys Audubon Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

If you prefer to donate by check or money order you can download this form, print it and mail it to the listed address.

Donations to our General Fund support our habitat protection work within Missoula County, nonprofit organizations that care for birds, and education on birds and birding. We also promote the establishment of birding micro-site hotspots in our area, or other similar habitat improvement projects. These hotspots are intended to be open for the enjoyment of the public, so that they increase awareness not only of birds but conservation in general.
Each spring, to encourage student-initiated research in wildlife-related subjects, we advertise for proposals and then award small grants to university and high school students for research projects.
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