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    Hello – a wild bird hit our window yesterday and we are trying to rescue it. It is a medium size song bird of some sort. He is now alert and seems to have full use of his legs. However, I believe his left wing is broken since he is unable to fly.

    We attempted to release him after he seemed to recover from the collision; however, Black Birds started attacking; so, we again retrieved him. We have him in a cage and I have offered him meal worms and water. However, at this point he does not appear to have eaten anything.

    We live 25 miles out of Missoula and after researching bird rehab facilities – it appears nothing is remotely close to us. Can you give me a recommendation as to what to do at this point.

    • Kandy, the only real solution is a rehabber, the best thing to do is call from those listed on our site and see if someone can make the trip out or meet you at some point in between. Since we don’t know the species it’s best leave it up to a professional to decide what to do. Thank you for your efforts!

  2. Hello, we have an injured female crossbill that likely hit a window, looks like an injured wing. We put it in a box with a towel over it. Left a message with Big Sky bird rehab, haven’t heard anything. Should we call Fish and Game?