You can use the Cornell Lab’s eBird science project to view up to date local sightings. Learn about what eBird is here.

Here are links to checklists for local counties:

If you would like to become a part of the Cornell Lab’s eBird science project you can create an account here. Observations can be submitted online by logging into your account, or in the field via an easy to use mobile app. Not only will your observations benefit birds and science, eBird will keep track of your submitted sightings and allow you to view how many birds you’ve seen and where and when you’ve seen them. eBird is a world wide science project, so no matter where you are you can record and submit birds and have a permanent record available of all submitted sightings at any time.

Birders in Montana who want to connect with other birders, find out what other birders are up to and view images and accounts of birds from around the state are encouraged to join the Montana Birding group on Facebook. This is the go to place for discussion on bird sightings and photos around the state. 

For rare bird sightings and discussions you can check another Facebook group, the Montana Rare Bird Alert. If you think you have seen a rare bird you can check on the Montana Bird Advocacy website too. And before submitting a rare bird report you might want to read this article on ruling out other species.

For specifics on some of the local birding areas see our Missoula Birding Hotspots page and our Bitterroot Birding Hotspots page.

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