January 14, 2022 Missoula County Zoning Update

The January 14, 2022 Missoula County Zoning Update draft is open for public comment through March 1. Please consider submitting a comment through the link below to urge preservation of an important tract in the Grass Valley Important Bird Area West of Missoula and feel free to use the following text for your comment:

I am commenting on the proposed Missoula Zoning Map and Regulations. Thank you for your efforts and the comment opportunity.

One area north of Deschamps Lane and south of Roller Coaster Road One area should not be zoned as proposed. These hills support woody brushy draws of significant importance to birds and other wildlife. It also lies in the Clark Fork River Grass Valley Important Bird Area. I have birded in this area, and Owl Research Institute work in this area demonstrates its significant values.

This area also lies within the LaValle-Butler wildlife corridor designated by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks and recommended to Missoula County in Updating and Implementing the Missoula Area Land Use Map, January 28, 2019.

This area should be changed to either Resource Open Land or Agriculture Reserve, AG-R as coded for the extensive area just south of this property. 

Thank you for your commitment to responsible development.


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